Why technology could toll the death knell for the traditional show home


In the housing industry, Property Technology is what Mentos is to a fizzy drink. What seems to be an already effervescing market is soon to be sent soaring due to new and innovative technologies that are being refined and pointed firmly at our property industry, changing the way estate agents and developers work together forever.

With the fast emergence of drones, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality amongst other growing technologies, it is now possible to offer a potential buyer a view of the property that is significantly different from the norm. This powerful new technology communicates to potential buyers in a way that is not yet possible.

West Eleven is moving ahead of the rest of the market and has revolutionised the world of show homes forever, gone are the days of tedious appointment bookings to visit show homes and trekking to and from developments to find the right property — with the creation of The View VR app, potential buyers can now view the apartments from the comfort of their sofa, at a time convenient to them. The app showcases the apartments quality interior design and high spec finishes with realistic imagery. It allows the user to open a virtual model of the development right in front of them, where they are creating an emotional connection with the property, without viewing it in person.

The fate of the traditional show home, along with launch events and to scale models could be sealed forever with this step change in technology use. As a developer, I spend a lot of time focussing on the details that lead into creating a full lifestyle for my potential buyers. Creating a community and lifestyle to compliment the home is central to everything West Eleven is trying to achieve.

With West Eleven’s current development, The View, is designed to push all the boundaries, not only is it ideally located, every residential apartment has a view of Battersea Park, but we have ensured there are communal roof terraces, as well as access to ZIP cars, taxis, and bike hire for two years after purchase so every type of transport is accounted for. So once all this careful consideration has gone in it’s vital to communicate what we’ve conceived to our audience of purchasers. As with all things that are pushing the envelope the purchaser doesn’t always know that they need and want until they see what is available to them. Technology like the AR App allows us to get this message across and draw buyers in.


In a world that is saturated with technology, it’s integral that we embrace the increasing number of advancements available to the property market. With our VR app, we took something that wasn’t property focused and adapted it to our development. To innovate is to understand what is being applied in other industries — in this instance, gaming — and foresee how it might benefit an industry like property, which is traditionally behind the curve. West Eleven identified The View’s target audience as largely tech-savvy, luxury buyers who are looking to invest in a high-end lifestyle, which is why having the development accessible from a VR app works so well.

The View’s attention to detail and vast design knowledge is emulated in this VR app, that allows one to manipulate the development in every which way, viewing the apartment in full detail with zoom and navigation features. The use of high tech graphics gives a lifelike feel for the landmark 15-storey development — enabling potential buyers to envisage themselves in the apartments, through the intricate detailing’s, including beds, dining tables, and even soft furnishings to create an enviable home and way of life. We’ve also designed a second app solely for the use of sales agents which gives them real-time updates on pricing, availability and size of the space. This means the whole sales process is joined up and the experience slick and truly removed from a traditional show home.

Technology is now paramount to the growth in the property sector, and applications like The View AR App have ensured that we are a cut above the rest by utilising the latest tech currently around to showcase our newest development. Albeit the app is a new, innovative creation, an intelligent prediction is that it won’t be long until a variation of this app is used by other developers to command a closer relationship with potential buyers.

Dominic Philcox