Does the outcome of Brexit matter? Will shares his views with


Our founder and CEO Will Herrmann recently spoke to the editor of to share his views on what he believes a ‘no deal’ Brexit mean for the prime property sector.

"The Outcome of Brexit has Become Irrelevant."

“In my view, the outcome of Brexit has become irrelevant. While I believe there is a very slim chance we’ll have a ‘no deal’ situation, the whole thing has been fudged from the start, and the result will be a deal that is cobbled together. As for the property market – we just need to get to the finish line. The whole mechanism, and particularly prime property, has been held back for the last two years. Buyers – especially foreign buyers – and sellers have put off decisions, waiting to see what happens. At this point, everyone just needs to know what the rules of the game are going to be; once that becomes clear – one way or the other –  the market will be able to move forward and make decisions."

“Regardless of the outcome, London is an international city and it will keep going. In that spirit, West Eleven has kept going, moving forward with developments such as The View, Battersea Park. We are also looking at international sources of capital for our fund, particularly from Middle East investors who are cash-rich and favour a diverse portfolio.”

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Dominic Philcox